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I provide professional translations with the utmost respect for privacy, ensuring timely delivery and quality of service.

All the texts submitted are translated and reviewed. If an expert is required for technical language, I will identify the most appropriate consultant and submit the translated text to a third level for verification. This may be necessary for specific language used in the text to be translated, this is necessary to verify the transcription of the textual content to Vietnamese and Italian laws and regulations. I am therefore able not only to translate, but can also verify the conformity of contracts, agreements, licenses, patents, technical projects to Vietnamese and Italian laws and regulations through my network of consultants.

I intend to build long-term collaborative relationships based on mutual trust with my Customers and aim to maintain a reference or loyalty rate to demonstrate the quality of the services offered.

I offer technical, legal, institutional, commercial, scientific and literary translations.


Translation costs are calculated with the number of the pages (each page is composed by 1500 bits corresponding to approximately 250 words). 

The cost of translation depends on:

– Type of the text (subject, length, language specialization
– Type of use
– Delivery time 

Payment for translations is done when the translated material is delivered. Paypal or bank transfer accepted.


To receive a quotation, please send an email to: hao.pham@vietnamitalia.com. You will be contacted shortly and receive a a quote containing, conditions, delivery time and payment terms.